What makes NorthStar log splitters the best

Log splitters are a machine used to cut large wooden pieces into smaller logs. They are used both by professionals and homeowners alike. Many people use their log splitters to create a supply of firewood for lighting the fireplace, the campfire, or to heat their homes during winter. They can also be used by people who are into woodworking. Owning a log splitter allows you to easily create logs in the desired shape so that you can build your own designs of furniture or any other wooden items.

There are two main types of log splitters: hydraulic and kinetic. Generally speaking, kinetic wood splitters use kinetic energy to power the ram and rely on electricity. Hydraulic ones use oil or gasoline. Because of that, hydraulic log splitters are usually more powerful and are able to split larger pieces of wood easily. Kinetic log splitters, on the other hand, are often faster with the cycle time a few times shorter than their hydraulic counterparts.

NorthStar log splitters

Log splitters from NorthStar, a company with over 30 years old history, are known for their power and durability. Their trademark model, the 1131 NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter, is one of the best-selling hydraulic log splitters on the market. And for good reasons.

This NorthStar Log Splitter boasts a high-quality Gx270 engine from Honda. The engine is equipped with an idle down setting that reduces fuel consumption when the machine is turned on but not in use – so the time when you take out and put in the logs. Thanks to that feature, the engine gets quiet when not running. This log splitter shuts down automatically when low levels of oil are detected to prevent damaging the engine.

The log splitter is very powerful with a ram force of around 37 tons. To compare, the smallest log splitters made mainly for personal use only use the power of around 10 tons so there is no doubt that this NorthStar Log Splitter will be able to handle anything you throw at it. The maker claims that its machine will easily split any log up to the size of 25 in. length and 16 in. width.

The cycle time of 14 seconds is much shorter than a typical hydraulic log splitter. Cycle times of older models are usually often above 30 seconds so this is a big improvement. It still may not be as fast as kinetic log splitters but it’s probably the fastest you can get with such a powerful log splitter.

Lastly, the NorthStar Log Splitter can be used both horizontally and vertically. Regular log splitters usually only have the horizontal position which is fine but can be tiring when working longer hours because it requires you to physically lift the log and put onto the table. When switching to the vertical setting, you just roll the log on the floor and place it below the ram.

Another great feature of this NorthStar Log Splitter is that it comes with a 4-year warranty and the company is known to provide the best service. If something were to go wrong with your machine you can easily get it fixed as NorthStar provides a multitude of replacement parts.